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While still in Aphrodite's Child, Vangelis had already been involved in other projects. In the 1960s he scored music for three Greek films My Brother, the Traffic Policeman (1963) directed by Filippos Fylaktos, 5,000 Lies (1966) by Giorgos Konstantinou , To Prosopo tis Medousas (1967) by Nikos Koundouros . In 1970 composed the score for Sex-Power directed by Henry Chapier , as well again for Salut, Jerusalem (1972) and Amore (1974). [1]

But there is a twist in Vangelis’ music, just as the characters Rachael and Deckard question whether they are of human origin or are in fact replicant clones. There is something about Vangelis’ music that mirrors this duality of origin, unintended as it may be. Unlike other science fiction films that often relied on outlandish electronic sounds to suggest stories that are set in an unfamiliar and alien world, Vangelis’ choice of sounds for the Blade Runner soundtrack evoke a sense of familiar-sounding instruments.

The digital reverb used by Vangelis, the Lexicon 224-X, was released in 1978 and allowed sounds to decays for as much as 70 seconds

In Variety ‘s May 26, 2006, retrospective of the film, Diane Garrett reported that the original did not reflect the vision of the filmmakers; completion-bond guarantors took over, adding the voiceover and happy ending. There was a director’s cut in 1992, but Scott was not happy with that one, saying he was rushed. There was also an expanded international cut. In 2007, to honor the film’s 25th anniversary, there was a fourth version, billed “the Final Cut”; Scott had started working on this edition in 2000, but Warner Bros. shelved it for several years because the studio couldn’t come to terms with one of the guarantors.

Blade Runner 2049 stars  Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Robin Wright, and Dave Bautista.  Directed by Villeneuve, the long-awaited sequel is shot by  Roger Deakins and written by  Hampton Fancher and Michael Green .

Vangelis - Blade Runner - Esper EditionVangelis - Blade Runner - Esper EditionVangelis - Blade Runner - Esper EditionVangelis - Blade Runner - Esper Edition