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A wire with reinforced insulation insulated with tape that satisfies Class B heat-resistance requirements, which is equivalent to those of TIW-2 wire. A Litz wire is twisted with a polyurethane enameled wire (UEW). This wire has excellent high-frequency properties and a variety of sizes are available. (Inquire for details.)

By careful treatment, extremely thin wire can be produced. Special purpose wire is however made from other metals (. tungsten wire for light bulb and vacuum tube filaments, because of its high melting temperature). Copper wires are also plated with other metals, such as tin, nickel, and silver to handle different temperatures, provide lubrication, and provide easier stripping of rubber insulation from copper.

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Fearing higher GST rates on wires, cables & electronic components could have a crippling effect on the manufacturers, industry associations have demanded lower GST rate of 18 percent for these key products. While the current effective tax rate for these products works out to be %, under GST they will be taxed at 28%. A delegation of various associations led by Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade (CAMIT) met Rajiv Jalota, Commissioner of Sales Tax, Maharashtra, on Saturday, to put forward their demand to revise GST rates for products under the HSN Code ...

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Old English wir "metal drawn out into a thread," from Proto-Germanic *wiraz (cf. Old Norse viravirka "filigree work," Swedish vira "to twist," Old High German wiara "fine gold work"), from PIE *wei- "to turn, twist, plait" (cf. Old Irish fiar , Welsh gwyr "bent, crooked;" Latin viere "to bend, twist," viriæ "bracelets," of Celtic origin). Wiretapping is recorded from 1904, from earlier wiretapper (1893). Wirepuller in the political sense is 1848, American English.

Various - Wires 3Various - Wires 3Various - Wires 3Various - Wires 3