Killjoy - boys say go! - Killjoy NHS bosses are the enema within: RICHARD.

Most people think they’re skilled enough to drive a little over the limit. The NZ Transport Agency asked us to reframe the way people thought about their own speed. We did this by showing that other people – real people – make mistakes, and when that happens – as it inevitably does – our speed is the one variable we can control to determine the outcome of the ensuing collision.

" Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final of the Under 17 Quidditch World Cup, today we are blessed with a great match between two fantastic teams, both who had won all their games so far in this tournament- first the home side, France- Keeper: Bernard, Beaters: Petit and Martin, Chasers: Moreau, Durand and Dubois and Seeker: Richard ." The French commentator bellowed. Loud cheers erupted in the French section as their team flew out of a tunnel near the top of the stadium wearing deep ocean blue robes. They did a lap around the stadium before steadying themselves at their half of the pitch.

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Killjoy - Boys Say Go!Killjoy - Boys Say Go!Killjoy - Boys Say Go!Killjoy - Boys Say Go!