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Car bombs can be seen as the remote descendants of the 16th century hellburners , explosive-loaded ships which were used to deadly effect by the besieged Dutch forces in Antwerp against the besieging Spanish . Though using a less refined technology, the basic principle of the hellburner is similar to that of the car bomb.

РA vehicle riding low, especially in the rear, especially if the vehicle seems empty. Explosive charges can also be concealed in the panels of the vehicle to distribute the weight of the explosives better.

Because thermites have historically had much lower power densities than conventional high explosives, they are classified as incendiaries rather than explosives -- a classification that has been exploited to conceal the use of aluminothermics in the World Trade Center attack. Despite the fact that high-tech aluminothermics have existed and been used by the military since the mid-1990s or earlier, methods of identifying explosive residues at crime scenes are frequently limited to analysis of nitro-aromatic explosives. [ 3 ] 

IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES (IED ) Definition An IED is a device, assembled by an organization or an individual in contravention to the existing rules of Law of ...

Lead by Doctor Onishi's microchip to Castle Peak , Prime and the Autobot Brothers found the Predacons digging up a derelict Autobot spacecraft. The ship contained six protoforms , which Megatron promptly stole, whisking them away to nearby McKinley Army Base to be formatted into Decepticons . During the fight at the base, Kelly attempted to flee in a fuel tanker, and was saved by Optimus from plunging into a crater. The last protoform scanned Optimus and the tanker at the same time, resulting in Scourge , a Decepticon resembling a twisted clone of the Autobot leader. The Decepticons The Decepticons' first mission was to attack Sherman Dam , during which Optimus managed to stop them from detonating explosives planted on the dam, and clashed with Scourge. Commandos

Switzerland passed a law in 1980 requiring taggants in explosives manufactured there, and that the code must be changed every six months. So far it is the only country which requires identification taggants. Imported explosives must be tagged only if competing products are also manufactured in Switzerland.

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